Welcome to the Ausprep Forum Portal! Here at Ausprep our aim is to help people to become more prepared for those unexpected events of life. The Australian Preparedness Forum was started in 2012 by its founder Ausprep! From humble beginnings it has grown to over 600 members and sees over 350 guests drop by everyday. The members on our forum share a passion for being prepared for unexpected events that can occur in life and from time to time we also discuss the coming Zombie apocalypse. 

We feel that many people have become way to dependent on Government to help them in times of upheaval when we should be taking responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones. For some reason having a plan in case of disaster or setting aside some food and water etc for bad times is deemed crazy by many. Many people have car and home insurance, medical insurance etc just in case it is needed some day. Why not have food insurance as well? A plan if you have to flee your home? Consider the possibility of job loss and economic collapse? Even a chance of war? These situations are happening all over the world to many people and we should not be naive in thinking it will never happen to us.


Starting out on the preparedness journey can be overwhelming and thats why this community exits to help those starting out and to support those already on the journey. We are a friendly group and many of our members are all too willing to help with any questions! 




Remmy has also been an Ausprep team member almost from the start in 2012. As head cleaner, cook and drinks server she is known to keep everyone in line with her sting. She dreams of world domination and has been set the task of expanding the Ausprep name across the web!                 


Aliases: The Bee

               Clown No 2



Pete joined the Admin team in 2015 and has been a great addition. Possibly the sanest member of the team he is the voice of reason especially when Remmys world expansion ideas go to far! He loves fine food and a good brew with a penchant for Red wine served with gorgonzola!

Aliases: Mr Pete

              Clown No 3



Shiney is a more recent member of the team having accepted a position to the circus in 2016! The power immediately went to his head and is now known as Mr Ban Man. Shiney likes to organise his life through the power of spreadsheets. He has been an invaluable member to the team also helping to keep Remmy in line.



Aliases: He-Man

Clown No 4



Jay is our head admin and has been on the Ausprep team since its beginnings in 2012. Don't let the knight fool you though as around these here parts he is also known as 'TuTu Man" and likes to tell a joke or two. He has been a steadfast and loyal presence on the Ausprep forum from the start.

Aliases: TuTu Man

               Head Clown

Disclaimer: The above images really really are not a true representation of us!



Don't let the name or avatar fool you Para is always ready to help and give his assistance when he can! Our most recent addition to the team taking up the position in 2017 he was willing to jump into the nut house and has proven himself to be as nutty as the rest of us!

Aliases: Pad-wan

               Support Clown


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